SoHo Mill FAQ

Below are the most commonly asked questions out customers have and their answers. If you any further questions please feel free to contact our support.

Question 1: I forgot my master pass code, how do I reset my master code?

Answer: On the battery box when you open the knob there will be a black button next to three cables. Press and hold down the button for ~5-10 seconds. After that the code will be the default “0123#”

Question 2: I heard the beeps and turned the lock but the latch was not engaged?

Answer: One or more of the batteries where not placed correctly in the battery holder matching the positive and negative terminals. The SoHo Mill Keyless Lock does not need all 4 batteries to power on the lights or make beeps, but all 4 are required to engage the latch.

Question 3: When I enter the correct code, the lock beeps but the outside knob won’t turn the latch assembly?

Answer: The SoHo Mill Keyless lock is not a deadbolt lock. It was designed to open “unlock” when you turn the knob while it is beeping.

Question 4: Can I leave the lock unlocked all the time?

Answer: No. The SoHo Mill Keyless Lock has a security feature to re-lock its self 3 seconds after a correct code is entered. This security features was designed to prevent “Forgetting to lock the door” and to give our customers peace of mind when they are away. If you need to open and close the door frequently without the need for security, you can consider setting up a pass mode. This allows a 1 key entry to unlock the door.

Question 5: Where do I plug in the backup battery box / cable jumper?

Answer: There is a small plug underneath the knob (keypad side) for the backup battery box and cable jumper (both included) to plug in. Please refer to the images below. Please keep 4 AAA batteries in the battery box outside for emergencies just in case you do not replace the batteries when you hear the low battery warning.

Question 6: How can I turn off the beep sound?

Answer: The lock is designed to make you aware of someone entering your home. There is not function to turn off the beeps. We discourage customers from placing tape over the holes in the lock to muffle out the notice. The speaker inside is how the lock notifies you when the batteries are dying.

Question 7: The battery box is overheating?

Answer: Not all four batteries are matching the correct positive and negative terminals.

Question 8: After entering my code, I heard 3 beeps?

Answer: One of the batteries is either running low or is placed the wrong way.

Question 9: I accidently pulled these three battery cables out of the jumper plug. What is the correct order when I put them back in?

Answer: Please reference the photo below. Turn to the back of the battery box. If the black button on the right (the button to reset default master code), the jumper plug should be on the left. The correct order from left to right is red, black, and then yellow.

If you are still having issues or have any questions over your unit, please contact our support using the following link: Soho Mill Support.