SoHo Mill Keyless Lock

Please Read!

Installation Tips And Suggestions!

Use New Batteries

When installing the SoHo Mill Keyless Lock, please insure that you are using brand new batteries. This will insure that the lock stays charged longer and will prevent you from having to change batteries so often. Insure the batteries match the positive and negative (+,-) when installing them into your lock.

Test Before you Install And Lock

To prevent accidently locking yourself out of your home, please test your lock before installing and once again before latching your door. It is also highly advices to write down your master code on a piece of paper, save it in your contacts, or save it in your phones note app.

Not A Deadbolt

One of the most common miss communications about these locks is that they are not like traditional deadbolts. In fact they are not deadbolt locks at all. To open and unlock the door; enter your master code, then while the lock beeps (for approximately 2-4 seconds) turn the outside knob (keypad).

Designed For

The Soho Mills Keyless lock was designed for easy setup and security. The keyless lock features a master code, a pass code, and 8 user codes.

Built To Last

The Soho Mills Keyless lock was built for heavy duty use at a consumers price.It features a stainless steel coating and is all weather proof.

Created For

The Soho Mills Keyless lock comes with glow in the dark keys to help you see at nigh to allow quick and easy access.