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Please read before contacting support!

Please refer to this checklist before email support.

  1. Are you using brand new batteries: weak batteries even though light up the keypad, they can’t drive and allow the mechanic latch to retract?
  2. Are these batteries placed correctly: +/- poles according to the markings, inside the battery module?
  3. Is there any spring wire accidentally crossed each other inside the battery module that you can see – the rubber to insulate the wire may be worn off during installation – to cause a short circuit?
  4. Did you try to re-set the factory default back to “0123#” and see it worked this way?
  5. When you press a factory default master code “0123#” … did you see the LED indicator turned green from blue?
  6. Did you try to use the backup battery pack to jump start-unlock through the small hole under the keypad knob,
    and see it worked this way?

Our support team will get back to you within 24-48 hours after we receive your email.

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